6 thoughts on “Natural Skin Care

  1. Sabia says:

    Hi I hope your well.i came across your website and I’m hoping you can help me.
    I’m feeling so depressed and hopeless at times that my psoriasis is spreading and there is no cure.


  2. Cynthia says:

    Just came across your story and it jumped off the page at me.
    I’ve been dealing with health issue for almost 7 years now after being poisoned by toxic mold. No Dr has liistened to me regarding what was going on internally except for a few textbook issues. Late last year this started on my face and around my nose and ears, and has now spread on my face, neck and eyes. It’s painful and a constant battle. Am at my wits end, Yesterday I was so desperate that I decided I was going to try something over the counter but once I got it home changed my mind as I know it is just a temp fix that could actually do more harm. Then today your info popped up on my computer. I’ve always used Food Pharmacies and Food That Heal books ( never drugs ) if ever I needed something but they were destroyed in the mold contamination along with everything else.
    I am so grateful to have found your info.

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    • Hanna Sillitoe says:

      So wonderful to hear. I think sometimes that information we’re desperate to find pops up at just the right time! You’re so right in what you say about over the counter meds. A short term quick fix at best. It isn’t worth it. Deep down I think I always knew I had to make some dramatic changes. Now I’m so pleased I did! Sending love and healing. You absolutely can get well again x


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