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Hanna Sillitoe

A little green juice changed my life. As far-fetched and kooky as it sounds, that leafy, vegetable drink was the catalyst for a huge transformation in my skin, my body and my mind.

I suffer from an autoimmune illness called psoriasis. Psoriasis manifests itself as a scaly overproduction of cells on the surface of the skin. My body hurt, I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I’d become tired of constantly being sick and tired. And above everything, I was fed up of the way I looked.

I’d tried for over twenty years to heal using conventional medicine, it hadn’t worked. I was sicker than ever and it was no coincidence that my disorderly diet and lifestyle were reflected so clearly in the chaotic cell pattern visible on the surface of my skin. I’d had enough. I decided it was time to try something new, and it was at that moment I made a commitment, to drastically alter what I consumed.

Over the years I’d become addicted to an unhealthy diet of carb rich junk. I used to crave those thick, gooey, deep pan micro pizzas, tubs of fatty, sugar laden Haagen Dazs and I’d developed a detrimental penchant for white refined bread & pasta. One of my favourite things in the world used to be meeting friends at a little Italian for lunch. We’d share thick, doughy, garlic ciabatta, dripping in butter, followed by gigantic bowls of creamy pasta smothered in parmesan.  There was always room for dessert and dessert was usually cheesecake. I was never too bothered about chocolate, savoury treats were more my thing. Though I have to admit an insatiable weakness for brightly coloured bags of sugary pick n mix jelly sweets.

My liquid consumption wasn’t much better. I had no desire to drink even one glass of water per day, preferring instead to gulp gallons of aspartame filled, sickly sweet, chemical cola and rich, full bodied french red wine. I had no idea of the damage I was doing to my skin. Nobody suggested stopping this unhealthy cycle of sugary junk I was fuelling my body with. In fact, the very opposite! My doctor told me diet would have absolutely no effect on my psoriasis.


I can not begin to describe the feeling of empowerment that comes with holding the key to healing yourself. To be able to connect so wholly with your body. To possess the knowledge to control an illness which for so long dominated every aspect of my life. And to be able to do so using food – it’s like the best drug ever. My journey – and it really has been a journey – has been the biggest and best adventure. I have met some awesome people, I’ve learnt – and continue to learn – some phenomenal lessons. I’m excited and inspired to share what I have discovered with my family, my friends and the world.

In the late sixties, Dr. Ann Wigmore co-founded the Hippocrates Health Institute. A pioneer in the use of Living Foods for detoxifying and healing the body, I treasure her words; “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”. If I can trigger a revision in thinking, if I can motivate a change in the way you think about food, then it’s mission accomplished.

I have always adored food, in every conceivable sense. Dinner parties at the cottage are one of my favourite things. There’s something miraculous about sharing a meal and time with friends. There’s something even more awe-inspiring that comes with being able to introduce them to heavenly dishes which are as medicinal as they are mouthwatering. I cherish being able share health and happiness, to demonstrate that the elimination of meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, processed foods, chemicals, flavourings and additives does not mean compromising on creation and flavour.

Above all, the purpose of my blog is to emphasise that the concept of ‘clean eating’ is far from enforcing constraints and deprivation, but rather a focus on the exciting introduction of a scrumptious rainbow assortment of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. When combined, these beautifully simple ingredients can conjure up the most sublime raw treats, resplendent smoothies and decedent desserts.

I am not a trained chef by any stretch! The inspiration for these recipes comes from my travels, my connections, my imagination and as the result of lots of tried (and sometimes failed!) experiments. My friends and family are long-standing guinea pigs. Cooking was a passion before I got sick, now I get to play with foods and flavours under a whole new set of rules & I’m thrilled to be able to share the results of that creative process with you.

18 thoughts on “About Us

    • Hello I'm Hanna says:

      Oh wow! Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤ ~ I'm fairly new to wordpress so I'm going to read how this works!! Really excited 🙂 So kind of you to take the time to nominate me and comment ~ you've made my Monday xx


  1. wheelie38 says:

    Wow, your story is really captivating I’m certainly going to have a mooch through your recipes, I was wondering if there was any work we could do together. My blog is aimed at helping people with disabilities cook and making cooking easier. Hope to hear from you soon. Richard 🙂


  2. elyann14 says:

    Hi Hannah, I am soooo glad I have found your blog. My boyfriend suffers from psoriasis, now it has been a while that is has calmed down a little, but as you know… it’s always alert mode on. Reading your story, I would love to learn more about it from you. Is there a post where you talk about what to eat and the recipe for the green juice you talk about? I would be forever grateful if you let me know so I can help my boyfriend as well!
    Wishing you a lovely day, Ely xx


    • Hello I'm Hanna says:

      Hello Ely,

      So lovely to hear from you 🙂 Please check out my site http://www.BeyondFit.co.uk/skin My skin guide there is downloadable absolutely free of charge. It’s a 65 page PDF which details exactly what I did to clear my skin. 18 months on, with a super clean diet, I am still totally free of psoriasis. That’s something medicine never achieved in 20 years!! If you have any further questions you are always welcome to email me info@beyondfit.co.uk The best bit about clearing is knowing I’m fully in control. As you say ‘alert mode’. I know just what I need to do to keep my skin clear and having that power feels awesome. Lots of love to you and your BF. Hanna xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • elyann14 says:

        Thank you SO much Hannah! I will definitely look at your site and download the PDF! Thank you, thank you! I truly believe that we are what we eat and your story confirms that to me. I really hope it’s the time I can help my boyfriend for good! Thank you!


      • Hello I'm Hanna says:

        And I’m not the only success story. I have lots of pics and stories from people all over the world who have healed using the plan. It absolutely works. It’s tough going for those 30 days and my lifestyle now is very very different but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I feel amazing, my skin glows and I absolutely love it! Keep me posted with your BFs progress ❤ xx

        Liked by 1 person

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