Sk inspiration – Kirsty’s story

This is Kirsty’s story. Kirsty can be found on Instagram @the_skin_she_is_in

My name is Kirsty* from Bristol uk and I’m 43. Married, Mum of two gorgeous pesky kids. I’ve had psoriasis for around 35-40 years, guttate and plaque. I’ve tried everything- all the usual creams and systemics including methotrexate (worked but so scary) and acitretin (TERRIBLE).


I changed my diet and lifestyle to vegan, because I’d heard I was at very high risk of heart disease to go alongside the autoimmune skin disease, also diabetes. My Dr recommended a plant based diet to reduce those risks and I saw veganuary2017 on social media so just thought sod it. I had nothing to lose and believed I was psoriatic for life, I just wanted to reduce my risks and stay healthy longer for my kids- I was scared.

I was on acitretin for my skin at that point (1/1/17) my skin was not responding to it (getting worse and horrid side effects my face was like a flaky raw tomato!) and my derm had referred me for injectables, I was waiting for the appointment.

Anyway, 2 weeks later (mid jan) I’d noticed a MASSIVE improvement and this continues so I’ve stuck with it!! Went back to my derm on Wed and she was so delighted, she’s deferred the injectables and just keeping me on open appointment and has promised to tell others like me what I did. So I’m on emollients only!! 😍🌱💚


I feel so amazed and lucky and a bit annoyed I didn’t try it sooner- but like you say, you need an epiphany sometimes to change! I’ve still got some active patches on my thighs (theory is I sit on my arse all day so the circulation is prob bad!) so I’m starting dry brushing and got your book, considering reducing my nightshade consumption and wanted a bit of guidance!

I don’t really have a fave recipe but I just (literally) made your chickpea coconut curry and spicy sweet potato wedges and OMG AWESOME. Even meat lover hubby loves it.


You can follow Kirsty’s journey on Instagram @the_skin_she_is_in. It’s a private account due to her job but she will happily accept follows.

Whether you’re on Day One or day Fifty One, sharing your story can offer hope and inspiration to others. Email me I would love to hear from you.


*Kirsty’s name has been changed due to the nature of her employment

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