Raw Courgetti with Basil & Brazil Nut Pesto


This is my absolute favourite way to eat courgettes. That and courgette chips which my friend Rach introduced me to. Her little girl Grace loves them! Most of the supermarkets, including Aldi, now sell courgettes prespiralised. If it’s something you’re going to make in the long run it’s obviously much cheaper to buy whole courgettes and do it yourself. A spiraliser will probably cost you £20-£30 on Amazon these days.

Aldi Pasta.JPG

A quick aside on my Aldi recipes … they’re not asking me to post these or sponsoring me in any way. I just shop there as it’s my local supermarket and I’m on a little mission to show that healthy food needn’t be pretentious or expensive.

The brilliant thing about courgetti (or zoodles as my American friends love to call them), is that they don’t give you that sluggish, bloated feeling you get with pasta. Plus this recipe is raw – so there’s absolutely no need to mess around cooking anything or waiting for water to boil.

If you’re making this dish as a main course I’d use a couple of medium sized courgettes and half a jar of artichoke hearts. The video for the recipe can be found here https://youtu.be/-LqkyEZBye4


Fresh Basil

Brazil Nuts

3 tbsp olive oil

1 lemon

Half a jar of artichoke hearts

Salt and pepper to season

Add a good handful of basil to the blender along with half a packet of brazil nuts and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Add the juice of half a lemon and a twist of salt. Blitz until you get the texture you want. I like it quite nutty so I pulse it to retain texture


Spiralise your courgettes


Add the courgettes and pesto to a bowl and mix together

Serve topped with artichoke hearts, a little fresh lemon and black pepper.


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