Dairy Free Herb Dip

Herbs for dip

The really frustrating thing about avoiding the specific foods that trigger skin problems, is creating sauces and dips with really limited ingredients. With tomatoes and dairy off the menu for most, it can be tricky coming up with tasty combinations.

My go-to dip tends to be hummus. It’s really easy to whip up and I always keep a couple of tins of chickpeas handy to make it fresh. If you fancy something a little lighter, fresher and creamier, you will love this.

If dairy is not a problem for you this can of course be made using regular Greek yoghurt. If however you need to avoid the standard stuff, Coyo is a fabulous, coconut based alternative.

Cucumber Dip


4 Heaped Tablespoons Greek Yoghurt or Natural Coyo alternative

Handful of mint

Handful of parsley

Pinch of pink salt

Teaspoon of honey

Juice of half a lime


Chop the mint and parsley finely

Stir the chopped herbs, salt, honey and lime into the yoghurt

Mix well and serve with fresh cucumber and avocado slices


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