Woodburner Roast Chestnuts

Bag of chestnuts

I can’t take the credit for this simple, traditional beauty. But I love it and wanted to share it with you!

I adore chestnuts and Christmas is the one time I find them easy and cheap to buy. I must admit I usually buy the pre-cooked sort to add to nut roasts or to mix in with shredded savoy cabbage and flaked almonds, but there’s nothing quite like roasting whole chestnuts and eating them whilst they’re still warm.

If you have a woodburner here is a really simply way to roast them. I used an old biscuit tin with holes drilled through the bottom and placed it on top of my morso stove. Take care to use oven gloves as the tin gets super hot.

Enjoy and have a lovely Christmas x

Chestnut tin

Courtest of Morso


If you’re going all out for the old-fashioned Christmas spirit, you should definitely try roasting your own chestnuts. You can pick up a traditional long-handled roaster for between £10 and £20 – or make your own by drilling holes in a small frying pan. If you’re feeling really thrifty, punch some holes in an old biscuit tin and put it right in the firebox for a really smoky taste.

Make sure you cut a slit in your chestnuts before you start. This is really important, or they might explode and coat your room in sticky innards.

If you’ve got an inset stove, you’ll be roasting your chestnuts inside the fire. Make sure you have a stand for the roaster handle or patience and a heat-proof glove. You can put your biscuit tin right in there and leave it until the chestnuts need turning.

You can roast chestnuts inside or outside the stove if your stove is freestanding. If you’d rather roast them outside, get the stove really hot. Put your chestnuts in their roaster and pop them on the top. When you hear sizzling, turn them over. You’ll know they’re done when they start to blacken and the aroma fills the room.

After around 10-15 minutes, they’ll be ready.

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