All Natural Bronzing Powder

bronzer natural

Okay, so my blog posts are typically always about food … and although you probably wouldn’t want to eat this, it’s actually perfectly edible.

I stopped wearing daily make up these past couple of years. It’s not through laziness (although I must admit it’s lovely not to have to spend half an hour plastering foundation on each morning) but has much more to do with me being a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve had spots since I was a teenager, cleaning up my diet and especially quitting dairy, hugely improved my complexion. So now I tend to moisturise with a little coconut oil and embrace natural, chemical free skin each day.

I spent much of this summer in France where the temperature was a good few degrees warmer than England, but my tan has long since faded. As we transition into autumn I always start to feel a little tired and pale, so I thought I’d spend the weekend creating a skin boosting pick me up.

This bronzer is so simple to make, you can tone it to your skin throughout the seasons, and it smells divine. The quantity of each ingredient will vary depending upon the shade you’re looking to achieve.

Natural Bronzing Powder

2 tbsp cornflour




Scoop 2 tablespoons of corn flour into a bowl, begin to add the powdered spices a little at a time and use a spoon to stir the ingredients together. It may take a little trial and error to get the combination just right for your complexion, but once you’ve perfected it the beauty of these ingredients is that you can add and amend throughout the year as your skin tone changes.

The powder smells absolutely delicious and should feel feather light on your skin. Let me know how the combination works for you in the comments below.

*As always with skin products – even natural ones – try a small patch test to make sure you’re not allergic

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