Beautiful Battenberg Cake

Clean Battenburg

Beautiful Battenberg Cake

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: medium
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There are certain foods that always remind me of my childhood. Battenberg cake is one of them. My mother loves marzipan so we were often given a slice of this delicious cake as kids. I used to unwrap the marzipan coating and eat the cake first, saving the marzipan till last!

If you’re not familiar with this delicious sweet treat … Battenberg or Battenburg cake is a light sponge with the pieces covered in jam and wrapped in a marzipan coat. Named after the town of Battenberg in Germany. The most commonly told tale about the cake relates to its alleged origin. It is said to have been created to celebrate the 1884 wedding of Prince Louis of Battenburg to Queen Victoria’s granddaughter Princess Victoria.


100g ground almonds

100g rice flour

3 eggs

50ml honey

2 tbsp coconut oil

Drop of vanilla essence

Tsp baking powder

Handful of raspberries

For the wrap

100g ground almonds

50ml honey

Dusting of natvia icing sugar

Tablespoon of refined sugar free jam like this one


Blitz all the cake ingredients (aside from raspberries) together in a food processor. Grease a shallow, silicone tin with coconut oil and use a divider to split the tin in two. Pour half the cake mix into one half of the tin

Add the raspberries to the remaining mix and blitz again to turn it pink. Pour into the other half of the tray

Bake in the oven for 25-30 mins at 180C until slightly golden and baked through. Remove and cool

Meanwhile blitz the ground almonds and honey together to form a marzipan dough ball. Dust with a light coating of icing sugar – dust the rolling pin too as you roll the marzipan flat onto a sheet of greaseproof paper. Remember this will wrap the cake so make sure it’s wide enough to wrap all the way round. Heap a tablespoon of jam onto the marzipan and spread thinly with a knife

You’ll need to cut the cake into 4 equal (ish!) lengths. Cut along the edges with a sharp knife to ensure they’re straight. If the top of the cake has risen and rounded you’ll need to slice this off too

Arrange the cake lengths in a block of 4 alternate colours – to look like a chess board

Place onto one edge of the marzipan and wrap the marzipan over the cake, trimming any excess with a knife and smoothing at the join

Place in the fridge to allow the marzipan to harden a little. Then slice both ends so that they’re perfectly neat. Slice the cake to serve.

Battenburg cake

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