Mash Up


So here’s the deal … I can’t eat regular potatoes as they’re a nightshade. Long story short, nightshades are often a mild poison to people with auto immune problems, they play havoc with my skin. I don’t do dairy at the moment either, so aside from fluffy sweet potatoes I haven’t bothered making mash in ages.

Forget your bog standard potato mash, experimenting with funny shaped, gnarled root veg is a real trend this season. Kohlrabi, celery root and turnip are replacing the humble potato, offering tons more flavour and a heap of added nutrients. Don’t be intimidated by these obscure looking vegetables, experimenting is half the fun!  Whether you mash them, fry them or roast them, impress your foodie friends by getting ahead of what’s sure to be a big autumn restaurant favourite this year.

INGREDIENTS (enough for 2)

200g Kohlrabi

150ml almond milk

3 garlic cloves

Sprinkling cumin seeds

Teaspoon coconut oil

Salt and pepper to season


Peel and chop your kohlrabi into rough 1cm chunks and add to a saucepan with the garlic and cumin

Pour enough milk over the veg to almost cover it

Warm slowly and allow the veg to soften for 20-30 minutes

Add salt and pepper to season

Lots of the milk will have boiled off, add the kohlrabi to your food processor along with the milk. I added all the milk but it will depend on how much you have left, you don’t want the mash to be sloppy

Blitz with a teaspoon of coconut oil and a further sprinkling of cumin seeds

I’ve served mine warm with pan fried broccoli and almond smoked tofu

To change the flavour you could make the mash with horseradish, parsley or rosemary instead

3 mash

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