Gym Bunny Brownies


It’s been too long since I posted a delicious new recipe, thanks so much for patiently waiting. Lots of exciting things have been happening over the past couple of weeks. I’ve finally completed the first draft of my book so I hope to be able to share tons more amazing new recipes with you very soon.

This recipe is especially for Marim who messaged asking for my best chocolate brownie recipe and for my PT John who is always requesting Friday treats! I like to think he makes training easier on me in exchange for clean snacks … it never happens that way.

The scoops of protein are optional. When I use additional protein powder in my diet I like to go for pea or hemp with no added anything. So many powders contain lactose, gluten, sugar and flavourings. There is a reason for that! The natural stuff doesn’t taste great on it’s own. That’s where recipes like this come in.


1 sweet potato

100g Almond Flour

50g cacao powder

2 eggs

30g maple syrup or honey

2 scoops of protein powder

chocolate brownie

Peel and chop your sweet potato. Boil until soft

Add to your food processor along with your almond flour, cacao powder, eggs and maple syrup. You can also add a couple of scoops of protein powder.

Blitz everything together. It should form a thick, gooey mix

Pour into a tin lined with greaseproof paper. I like to grease mine with coconut oil to stop the baked brownie sticking

Bake for 30-40 mins at 180C. The top should crisp up and the underneath will stay soft and gooey.

Allow to cool fully before slicing

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