Mango Sticky Rice Rolls

mango and rice rolls

When I make a food I love I have a habit of making variants of the same dish for days in a row. Apologies for this weeks obsession with spring rolls!! The thing I love most about making rice rolls (aside from the fact they’re absolutely delicious) is how easy they are to create yet how intricate and arty they look!

If you like to show off your uber-healthy lifestyle to your friends, these are brilliant to make as a snack or starter. They take minutes and look amazing!


1 cup of jasmine rice

1/2 a mango

10 whole almonds

Sprigs of basil

Sprigs of mint

Half a teaspoon of honey

6 rice papers


Boil a pan of water, switch the heat off a pour half a cup of rice in to the water. Pop a lid on top and leave it to do it’s stuff

Slice your mango into long, thin strips and crush your almonds

After about 15mins your rice should be cooked. Drain the water from the rice and let it cool. Once cool stir a little honey through your rice to sweeten it

Dip a sheet of rice paper in warm water for around 20 seconds. As it begins to soften lift it out and lay it on a smooth, flat surface

Lie your sliced mango vertically along the top centre of your rice paper sheet. Add a tablespoon of rice, some crushed almond and a couple of mint and basil leaves

Fold the bottom half of the sheet over your mango and rice

Fold the left half of the sheet across your mango and rice

Roll from left to right to create a snug rice roll

Serve with satay or sweet chilli dip

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