Optimum Health ~ Super Green Juice

pear pineapple fennel juice

This is a fantastic green juice recipe, ideal for optimum health and weight. The avocado will keep your skin glowing, pineapple contains bromelain which is known for being very efficient at breaking down proteins which accounts for its common use as a digestive aid. Bromelain can significantly ease the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. It has also been implicated in the improvement of certain inflammatory skin conditions.

Recent studies have shown that tarragon helps to increase muscle creatine absorption. This is similar to the muscle creatine adsorption that occurs when large amounts of carbohydrates are ingested. Since tarragon creates the same effect, consuming large amounts of carbohydrates is no longer necessary to increase muscle mass. Similarly, this property of tarragon can also be developed for use in weight control programs.


1 small avocado

1/4 pineapple

1 pear

Small handful tarragon

Large handful of spinach

Chunk of broccoli (stem juices best)

Half a cucumber

Small chunk of lemon

Juice everything aside from the avocado. Add your juiced ingredients to a blender with the avocado and blitz. Add ice and enjoy cold.

3 thoughts on “Optimum Health ~ Super Green Juice

  1. Dana says:

    Hello! I’m interested in the green juice recipe. I was wondering if the small chunk of lemon is including the Lemon core as well or just the inside of the lemon itself?


    • Hanna Sillitoe says:

      Hello Dana … I throw my lemons in the juicer with the peel on as I use unwaxed. This is in a juicer not a blender. I like recipes that are super quick to make so I literally chop a piece off and throw it in!


      • Dana says:

        Thank you!

        I looked over your guide but did not have a chance to actually read it thoroughly. Did you only drink the green juice for the first 30 days?


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