#BFF Super Simple Rice Rolls

veg plate pic

There are some recipes that just look so intricate and tricky that you never even bother to attempt them because you have no idea where to begin! I’ve made these rolls before so forgive me for repeating a similar recipe. But if you haven’t tried them please, please do. They’re amazing!

The reason I’m featuring these again is because I saw the rice papers in the supermarket here in Portugal. Of all the places to find them! You can buy them in Asian grocery stores in the UK and the larger supermarkets do now stock them. I picked some up as soon as I saw them because they make a brilliant, no fuss lunch with tons of healthy veg.

They are so simple to make I’ll demonstrate in pictures. If you struggle with any part of the recipe, please post in the comments and I’ll help you out. But honestly, the wrapping is no where near as complicated or as fiddly as you might imagine.

Oh and aside from how pretty they looks ~ they taste divine! Dipped in sweet chilli or satay sauce they’d be perfect. Don’t forget to tag your recipe pics #BFF on Twitter and Insta and copy us in @BeyondFitUK

INGREDIENTS ~ to make 6 rolls

Half an avocado ~ a carrot ~ 1/4 cucumber ~ Basil ~ Mint ~ Watercress ~ 6 rice papers


rice rolls pic  water pic

step 1 pic  Step 2 pic  

step 3 pic  Step 4 pic

vegan raw rolls

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