Butter Bean Shiitake Omelette

butter bean omelette

The little Portuguese cottage I’m staying at is nestled in the grounds of a beautiful farmhouse. Pigs, horses and chickens roam freely in the gardens. As I’m transitioning to a fully plant focused diet, there are a couple of things I still eat from time to time – eggs and honey.

I always used to buy free range eggs as I believe it’s vital to support the wellbeing of animals. But I feel much more comfortable eating eggs from truly free range chickens. The lovely Maria here at the farm in Portugal gave me some fresh eggs and I’ve been using those in my pancakes and salads. This evening I decided to make a mushroom omelette using eggs and mashed butter beans!

This would be sooo much easier with my blender to hand, but I quite enjoy the challenge of creating dishes without it. I managed to find some shiitake mushrooms at the local shops. Ordinary mushrooms will of course do just fine, but I love the immune regulating properties of the shiitake. It’s so clever it knows when your system needs a boast and when it needs to calm down. The only food that can truly regulate immunity.

INGREDIENTS (per omelette)

2 eggs

100g butter beans

3 chopped shiitake mushrooms

1/4 finely sliced red onion

Herbs, salt and pepper to taste

Drop of olive oil for the pan


Mash the butter beans in a bowl using the back of a fork

Use the fork to beat in two eggs

Stir in the mushroom slices, chopped red onion, some dried green herbs and a little salt and pepper

Warm the olive oil in a pan, carefully pour the omelette mixture in and allow to heat on one side slowly until the omelette is firm enough to flip

Flip and cook the other side

Serve with fresh salad and fresh lemon juice

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