Travel Often ~ Train a Little ~ Eat Well Everywhere

blue pool

Aside from food, my favourite passion in the world is travel. I truly believe in investing in experiences rather than possessions. Seeing new places, connecting with people, it’s inspiring, relaxing, exciting and thought provoking all rolled in to one. It can completely change my perspective on things and often helps me focus on my work.

A good while ago I redesigned my life to give me this freedom. I am certainly not a spoilt little rich girl with limitless travel funds! My insta and twitter may look like an endless stream of beautiful food and stunning locations and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to live like this. But believe me I’ve worked for it. I travel simply and inexpensively, which in turn enables me to do more of it!

When friends and strangers say ‘you’re so lucky’ they forget I’m the girl who spends Easter weekend training, working, emailing, connecting, advising and so on, whilst they’re taking 4 days out to relax with family and friends. I’m often up at 5am working and spend most evenings and weekends doing the same. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world! I love the flexibility and I enjoy every moment of my work. But it didn’t happen by accident. I structured everything to be able to live like this.

I’m off on a tangent! Back to my point … I often get messages from people who say they struggle to stick to a healthy regime and skin friendly foods whilst on holiday. Firstly, I’m really not trying to be the food police here!! I totally get that for some, a holiday is the chance to relax and not worry about what to eat or not to eat. Putting on a few pounds comes with the territory and it’s no big deal. I have an added incentive of course. I can’t just ‘cheat’ for a week. My skin would hate me! Plus I’d genuinely miss the energy highs that live plant foods and exercise give me.

Whilst it’s easy to eat well in some countries, it can be a little trickier in others. But that isn’t to say it can’t be done. I also really miss my green juices if I’m abroad and those aren’t always simple to come by. Processed ‘from concentrate’ fruit juices are absolutely not a substitute. You’d be better drinking pure water. But I love to ensure I’m get those live, alkaline nutrients from something!

So, over the next few days you will see me blog about the meals I make abroad. I’m in Portugal this month where they grow tons of fruit and veg. I’m surrounded by citrus groves ~ everything smells of orange blossom! And whilst I don’t eat oranges, as my skin hates them, I am taking full advantage of fresh lemons ~ squeezing them, drinking them and adding them to everything!

I’m also without my juicer, blender, spiraliser, oven and the ton of other kitchen gadgets I have at the cottage back home. I noticed yesterday the little place I’m staying in here only has one sharp knife and no chopping board or grater. There will be lots of improvisation! But I’m looking forward to discovering and demonstrating what’s possible and I’m extremely grateful to you for joining me.

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