Mint & Ginger Fruit Bowl

fruit bowl

Okay, so we all know how to throw a fruit salad together right? It’s not rocket science! I love how pretty fruit salads look, these vibrant colours are such a stunning way to begin the day. Not to mention the ton of vitamins and nutrients you’re going to get.

So how does this bright little bowl differ from simply chopping a bit of fruit into a dish? It’s got added juice! I’ll often drink a juice shot each morning. Pear, Ginger and Lemon. It’s a brilliant flu fighter and a great kick to start the day. Instead of drinking it I’ve soaked the fruit in it and added a few sprigs of chopped mint, plus some chia seeds for even more health benefits.

Feel free to vary the fruit. I’ve gone for a mix of pretty colours and wonderful flavours.

bright breakfast

INGREDIENTS (per bowl)

1/4 honey dew melon

1 banana

1/4 pineapple

Half a mango

Handful of raspberries

Sprinkling of chia & sunflower seeds

Chopped mint leaves


1 pear

Chunk of ginger

Chunk of lemon

chia fruit breakfast


Chop your fruit, juice your juicy additions. Pour the juice over your fruit bowl, throw in some chopped mint and a sprinkling of chia and sunflower seeds ~ simple ❤

fruit platter

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