Lentil Stewp

lentil stewp in bowls

I know, I know …. it’s STEW or SOUP right?! Not today. Today it’s Stewp! The thought of soup for lunch always used to leave me feeling a little underwhelmed. I either needed it served with a huge chunk of crusty bread or in addition to something else. That’s why, whenever I make soup these days, I like to make it a meal in itself. A lunch that keeps you full for the day without a load of additional white, refined carbs served alongside.

It’s perfectly possibly to create a hearty, warming, healthy soup, using simple dried lentils and pulses. The larger supermarkets often sell pre-combined dried split peas and barley. Take a look next time you’re shopping. They’re so inexpensive, it’s worth keeping a packet or two in the cupboard.

Although the stock and soup making process takes a couple of hours it actually involves very little effort! And once you’re done you can freeze your stewp to eat at a later date … if you can resist those delicious warming spices!

Lentil stew

INGREDIENTS (makes 4 large portions)

For the stock

2 litres of water

2 carrots

1 leek

1 onion

2 sticks of celery

3 cloves of garlic

Tsp of turmeric

Tsp of ground ginger

Tsp of ground coriander (cilantro)

Tsp of ground cumin

Tsp of cumin seeds

2 tablespoons of garam masala

Salt and pepper to taste

For the stewp bit

150g mixed lentils ( I used pre cooked and dried red split, dried green and dried unhulled red lentils)

200g broth mix (I used pearl barley, yellow split peas, green split peas, marrowfat peas, red split lentils)

200g (half a tin) tinned chickpeas

400g tinned mixed beans (I used kidney beans and aduki beans)

200ml coconut milk

Parsley or coriander (cilantro) to garnish

Lentil stew bowl


Pour 2 litres of cold water into a pan and add all your stock veggies. Gently bring to the boil, then simmer. Whilst simmering add all your spices and a little salt and pepper. Leave to simmer very gently for around 1 hour.

Strain the liquid from the veg. You can discard the boiled veg now (it’s great for the compost heap!)

Add the coconut milk to your liquid stock and stir over a low heat until it’s nicely combined. It shouldn’t be too thick, but it will be a lovely warm yellow colour.

Add the lentils, split peas, barley, beans and chickpeas. Simmer your stewp very gently for around an hour. The lentils should soften but still be a little firm to the bite. Feel free to add more spices and season further with salt and pepper if it’s needed.

Serve with rye cracker bread to scoop up those lentils and garnish with parsley or coriander.

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