Rice Cake Power Snacks

assorted rice cakes

I used to detest rice cakes. Horrible, dry, boring, cardboardy things that I endured purely for the sake of my waistline. Where was I going wrong? It’s all in the topping! Get that right and these beauties make a perfect supper snack, satisfy sugar cravings and work brilliantly to stave off hunger until lunch.

So … what to top them with? Nut butters are my number one favourite. My skin hates peanuts, so I always opt for almond instead. Meridian (UK) make a gorgeous almond butter, made purely with 100% roast almonds. No added salt. No added palm oil. They make it smooth, they make it crunchy. And I love it!

If you need something a little sweeter, why not top your butter with banana or chopped dates? Naturally high in energy, they’re a great alternative to those refined sugar chocolate bars.

cacao rice cake

Talking of chocolate … checkout my cacao mousse recipe here. Throw in a few additional hazelnuts and this makes a brilliant rice cake chocolate spread!

banana rice cake

Sprinkling seeds on top is a really simple way to incorporate additional vitamins. Zinc is just brilliant for skin health. I love pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds.

If you’re more of a savoury person and don’t like blending avocado into your green juice, a great way to get your healthy avocado fats intake is to create a super simple home made guacamole. This takes amazing as a dip for carrots and cucumber, but also works brilliantly on rice cakes.

avocado rice cake

Enjoy 🙂 and let me know how you top yours!

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