Gain or Maintain Weight ~ the healthy way

sweet superfood snacks

I’ve been asked a lot these past few months if I can offer any advice on putting weight on. The first time I got the question I must admit I scowled a little at my screen! Needing to add pounds has certainly never been a problem for me. Seriously, I only need to look at food for that to happen!!

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The more I got asked, the more I realised it’s just as frustrating to not be able to put on weight as it is struggling to lose it. What we’re all in need of is balance. Not weight loss or weight gain, the common goal we share is health optimisation. Okay, that sounds a bit fancy, but you get the idea. I strive daily to be the optimum version of myself, the very best I can be in terms of health, weight and mind. 

superfood snacks

These superfood snacks on my blog make great healthy treats

So, how do you go about putting on weight? For those of us who have always battled the other end of the spectrum it may seem simple … eat! Eat lots. Eat junk. Eat takeouts. Eat chocolate. That’s how I successfully ballooned to being overweight, and I didn’t find it too difficult. But that’s not what we’re after and aside from being unhealthy, that perception of stuffing yourself with sweets and junk to pile on the pounds, doesn’t always work. Sure, those foods contain calories, but they lack nutrition, so the challenge here is to add weight using lots of healthy fats and foods high in natural energy.


I struggled with weight gain. Now, on a plant based, gluten free, dairy free diet ~ I’ve never felt better!

I’ve designed this free 3 day plan which you’re welcome to follow fully or you may like to add some of these recipes to your current regime. I’m in the process of scheduling every recipe in the plan to my blog … so if the links don’t work at the moment, don’t worry … they will do by the end of this week! Most importantly enjoy it, step off the scales, listen to your body and be the ultimate you.    

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