Supertasty Superfood Protein Balls

protein balls 2

I’ve been asked to work on an exciting fitness superfood project this week. The brief is simple, superfood snacks to eat on the go. When it comes to superfood’s, almonds are one of the finest. I love them, not just because they taste so good, but also because they’re full of good fats and one of the most alkaline nuts you can eat!

I’ll keep the post simple ~ because the recipe is! Just two ingredients but you’re welcome to add more depending on how fancy you want to get.

protein balls 3


100g Ground Almonds

50ml Manuka Honey

Scoop of protein powder (optional)

A few drops of rosewater (optional but traditionally used in authentic marzipan making in Germany)

Coating options include ~ sesame seeds, cacao powder, chopped almonds, desiccated coconut ~ get as fancy as you like 🙂

protein balls 4

Blitz the almonds, manuka honey and rosewater together. If you’re wanting to add a scoop of protein go for it! You may need a few drops more honey. You’re wanting the ‘dough’ to be thick and more solid than liquid.

Roll the marzipan dough into little balls. Roll them in sesame seeds, cacao or coconut if you’d like a fancy coating. Pop in the fridge and store there ~ if you can resist eating the lot in one go!

protein balls 6

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