Having a Crêpe Day?

Blackberry Raspberry Crepe

I love fresh raspberries and blackberries

My sis Kirstin lives in Oz. Brisbane to be exact. I messaged her this week to ask if they celebrate pancake day ~ shrove Tuesday ~ down under. They do apparently, but not as enthusiastically as us brits! The reason  I asked was a pic I saw on the Facebook page of a little Aussie cafe in Byron Bay. Naked Treaties make the most incredible food. One day I will travel to Oz under the guis of visiting my sister, purely to eat at this place. You think it sounds far fetched traveling 10,000 miles for a meal? Check out their page and then tell me you wouldn’t!!

Crepe Berry

Pancakes are one of my favourite foods. My family are Dutch and if you’ve ever been to Holland you’ll know just how popular the pancake is! There are seriously restaurants with their entire menu dedicated solely to pancakes. With over 100 different toppings. Everything from bacon and maple syrup to cherries, chocolate and ice-cream.

Hazelnut Cacao Spread with bananas works super well too

Hazelnut Cacao Spread with bananas works super well too

I mistakenly thought that by eating a clean, dairy and gluten free diet the pancake would no longer feature in my life. Actually it’s became my post gym workout fix for the majority of last year! But not the pancake as you know it. Mine featured just banana and eggs, with protein powder or cinnamon thrown in. So simple, and dare I say BETTER than the traditional milk, eggs, flour mix!

Berry Crepe

The trick with these is to get the pan hot and the batter super thin

The only problem (and it’s not really a problem) with these protein pancakes, is they’re fluffy and thick. I’ve recently been craving those super thin crepes you often see served in French cafes at breakfast! After a little experimenting I think I’ve mastered a simple, gluten, dairy free recipe.


Makes 4

100g rice flour

100ml warm water

2 eggs

Teaspoon coconut oil

The trick with these is to use just the right amount of coconut oil to fry in, a thin layer of batter and a heavy thick bottom pan.

Whisk the eggs, rice flour and water together. The batter should resemble milk in its consistency. Heat the coconut oil in a heavy base frying pan. The oil should cover the entire base of the pan with a super thin layer. Once the oil is super hot, turn the heat down.

Apple and cinnamon crepe

Fresh apple with raisins and cinnamon drizzled in manuka honey

Pour your batter into the pan. The trick here is to pour and simultaneously tilt the pan to get a very thin layer of batter right across the base. With the layer being so thin it will take no time at all to cook. Once the batter is no longer liquid (it should take less than a couple of minutes) flip the crepe over and cook the other side.

Banana Chocolate Crepe

The french love their chocolate crepes ~ who am I to argue 🙂

When it comes to the filling, go as simple or as crazy as you like! I’ve tried banana with hazelnut cacao spread, a bright berry filling and my absolute favourite apple, raisins and cinnamon with manuka honey.

Berry Crepe

Beautiful bright red berries

Happy pancake day 🙂

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