Sweet Potato with Rainbow Cashew Slaw


Healthier, brighter and more beautiful than your average spud!

How beautiful does this flavoursome lunch look?! My rainbow, cashew slaw is nutritious, delicious and crammed with colour. Perfect on its own, in wraps, rolls and on this occasion as a filling lunch in a crispy sweet potato.


Makes 1 Serving

1 grated carrot

1 chopped celery stick

Chunk of red cabbage

Handful of radish sprouts


Tablespoon organic wholegrain mustard

Squeeze of manuka honey

Handful of cashews


My rainbow cashew coleslaw

I always find sweet potatoes cook and bake a little quicker than regular potatoes. I slice a little cross in the top of mine and bake on a tray for 1 hour at 200oC. I sometimes add a thin layer of coconut oil to crisp the skin. I switch the oven off after an hour but leave the potato in for another 20 mins. Baking time depends very much on the size of the sweet potato so keep an eye on it and use a knife or skewer to check when its soft and squishy in the centre.


Bright, beautiful, pretty and tasty

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