Perfect Protein Pancakes

Passion pancake

Fresh berries, pear and passion fruit with manuka honey

To say I got a little obsessed with protein pancakes is probably an understatement! A good few months went by when I would eat at least one of these incredibly simple, stupidly delicious, healthy pancakes per day. My obsession has calmed somewhat but I still eat a good few of these each week. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or supper, they’re fast, easy and amazing.


Per pancake

1 banana

2 eggs

Scoop of protein, cinnamon or cacao powder

Teaspoon of coconut oil for frying

berry pancake

Lots of lovely colourful berries

Add the banana, eggs and powder to a blender or processor. Whizz everything smoothly together and that’s it, batter done!

Heat the coconut oil in a frying pan, pour the batter in. Fry one side until golden brown, flip and fry the other.

Mini pancakes stacked with figs and feta

Mini pancakes stacked with figs and feta

Serve your pancake with berries, fruits, manuka honey, seeds or whatever takes your fancy.

I’d love to hear your topping suggestions ~ please feel free to comment below šŸ™‚

Calcium Pancake

Made in Cyprus with fresh figs, dates, kiwi and almonds

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