Almond & Manuka Satay Sauce


I love the combination of ginger, garlic and lime

Almonds are one of the most alkaline nuts you can eat. My skin seems to absolutely hate peanut butter, which is a shame because I love it! Fortunately almond butter is the perfect replacement both on rice cakes and in recipes. Meridian make a great almond butter with no added anything. No salt, no sugar, just beautifully smooth or crunchy almonds – depending on which version you prefer.


Such a simple satay with no bad added nonsense

I’ve become a little obsessed with Rice Rolls this month! They ought to be a summer food really but I’m travelling to Thailand this month to meet my sis (she lives in Oz) and I’ve insisted we take the overnight train up to Chiang Mai, if only to eat at a little veggie cafe I found 8 years ago (I hope it’s still there!!) They served these delicious fresh spring rolls with a tasty satay sauce. Here is my almond and manuka version of this nutty, sweet satay.


Simply add everything and whizz together

1 Tablespoon almond butter

1 Tablespoon manuka honey

1 Teaspoon of tamari sauce

1 clove garlic

1 small chunk peeled ginger

Juice of a small lime

Whizz all the ingredients together for a delicious dipping sauce.

Make a little more if you’d like to use it as a stir through sauce. Simply add veg & fish / meat for a lovely, tasty satay dish.


Sweet, spicy and delicious

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